Ieper (Ypres): The Horror That Was!

It was a cold sunny morning when we arrived at Ieper – less than an hour’s drive from Brussels. Our host met us under the well-known Menin Gate, a ‘Missing Memorial’ built in 1927. And 1928 onwards, the local fire brigade has been organising ‘The Last Post‘, a 10 minutes play which is performed everyday, right in…

Jaisalmer: Diva Of The Dunes

The land is believed to be haunted, the dark sands seduce you to visit, and opium is everyday fare. I find myself lost in a web of legends, some fictitious, others factual, almost living a princess’ life, on a spontaneous visit to Jaisalmer

Publicly Courting Art

Self-honouring 3D portraits, a startling mother-child sculpture, the refreshing Common Man statue, funky cows and flying buses. Mumbai city has the good, bad and indifferent when it comes to public art, each with an intent behind their existence

Under The Hammer!

She switched from investment banking to theatre to art, Sotheby’s Priyanka Mathew has experienced a variety of lifestyles and has dabbled in different streams of work. The first Indian lady auctioneer in the history of the company talks about how she enjoys wielding the gavel

Tokyo Tripping

Contemporary art scenes and a barrage of Asian artists showcased in galleries in Ginza, Koto-ku, and a few in Roppongi have given Tokyo a mix of quirky and classy art culture

Saga Of A ‘Selfie’

Now that the Oxford Dictionary has certified ‘selfie’ as a word, this action seems to be catching momentum on a whole new level   It is believed that a drunk Aussie coined this term in 2002 when he posted his self-taken photo on a forum, calling it a ‘selfie’. The word took the fancy of the…

Art Walk: Mumbai

A day of art sightings punctuated with local tasting could make for a beautiful day of indulgences – for the mind and the soul  Art in the city of Mumbai is not really about anything specific in particular. Galleries choose from abstract to contemporary Indian to international illustrations, and then right back to canvases from…